Maree is delightful, reassuring and very insightful. In less than an hour she helped me to find what in hindsight was an obvious solution to my problem, but which I was too emotionally involved in my situation to see. The sense of relief I felt was incredible. I look forward to working with Maree again in future.

Susannah Bell, Copyright Services Coordinator at Swinburne University of Technology

Hi Maree, just wanted to say I am LOVING your book - Connecting Us. I love the pared back simplicity of the language and the clear way you have described complex psychological concepts. And that there are so many different practical exercises to try. I am only halfway through but I look forward to any opportunity to read a couple of pages! Thanks so much, and I will recommend it to my friends. Susannah

Susannah Bell - Swinburne University

I’d always thought of coaching as just having someone come in and ask questions and then more questions.

The absolute best part of this executive coaching program was not only the conversations that I had with Maree but the techniques and tools that she was able to provide to help me with some of the challenges I faced.

In having difficult conversations, learning about how to reflect on a conversation in a way that made it easier next time and it really did make it easier. Or when faced with a challenging conversation and unsure of a response, having those responses that you had rehearsed ready to go so it took away the anxiety of find the right answer in the moment.

Already I am having more productive conversations and feeling less stressed about tackling the challenges that will arise in the future which is only going to benefit me in creating and maintaining a positive and productive work environment for me and my staff.

If you ever thought that coaching wasn’t for you then I recommend you have a go at Maree’s program, it is so much more than just conversations and questions. The toolkit that I have now to help tackle challenges, will be something that can be used well into the future. 

TO - School Principal

Insightful and practical, Level Up by Maree Burgess is a treasure trove for new leaders who want to create the best habits and thinking for the leadership journey. The checklists, reflection tools and strategies are gold for people who know that the key to getting better at the profession of leading is to first build self awareness. Maree’s approach is to open up this conceptual self awareness, then give some of the best advice I have ever read on how to level up. 

Tracey Ezard, Author and Speaker - Ferocious Warmth Leadership
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