Feeling frazzled is a thing.

Maybe you love your role and the challenges and opportunities it provides. And maybe you love having your career and being a parent but more and more find that something is missing, the juggle is real and finding a balance is tricky.

Or maybe you are at the stage in your career where you are wondering ‘is that all’.

How can you continue be energised and challenged at work while avoiding toxic people and using your vast experience to build the type of teams you used to love being part of?

How can you avoid burnout, the feeling of being controlled, and being resentful every single day.

I’m all about people finding joy in what they do. It is possible to be super successful and love what you do.

I help you work out what that looks like for you.

I partner with you help you work through your thoughts and options and how you can set yourself up for success in whatever new opportunity you take, even if it’s in the existing role.

I believe clever people truly deserve unrivalled career success.

My Level Up Framework focuses on

the core outcomes organisations seek to achieve
the levers individuals use to be successful
the accelerators required that differentiate great individuals from mediocre ones

There are three paths determining your career. Which one are you on?

Right now, you are either on the green line heading up, or on the red line heading down.

The difference may not be significant at the moment, but the distance between the two lines will grow as time goes on … time always wins.

I'm help individuals turn their dreams of career and life success into something real and organised.

It's all about moving from the drudge of the day-to-day of mediocrity to wisdom-driven career success, letting the brilliance of YOU shine through.

“Development is a series of rebirths” Maria Montessori
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