VIP Sessions

For the ultimate experience, book a VIP session with Maree to dive deep into you, your strengths, your career, your aspirations, your strategy.

Or anything else that you want the time to think, consider, question, brainstorm.

This is for the ambitious person who loves working in a beautiful setting and creating some magic to quantum leap you!

This is for you if:

  • Maybe you’ve been working for a while now, you sometime love what you do and sometimes you don’t.

  • You luck into good managers, and then strike the bad manager who undermines you. And wonder how you create more good managers.

  • You are leading a team, and it is not what you expected. The people reporting to you are tricky and you’re not sure how to tap into their brilliance. Heck do they even have some?

  • You want to uplift your leadership skills, and go to a deeper level for developing your team. You feel you are under-earning your potential.

  • You have an obsession with getting the best out of others and making an impact on them, and the broader organisation.

  • It’s time to assess you and go for an upgrade …

If you are so ready for a breakthrough in your career, let’s schedule a full day together so we can:

  • Assess you

  • Release whatever is limiting you, or not serving you anymore

  • Refine your skills, review your personal brand

  • Create a clear path forward

Let’s meet in a gorgeous place … and rollup our sleeves and taking a deeper look into you. Don’t worry it will be fun.

Here is what you will receive

30 Minute Discovery Call

Prior to your VIP day to set you up for success

Full VIP Intensive Day with Maree

Customised to you, your vision and purpose

Delicious catered breakfast and lunch, with healthy snacks

And beverages through the day

Two, 45-minute private coaching sessions (virtual)

To be utilised within the 60 days following your VIP Day

VIP Days are limited and only released twice a year

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