Level Up Programs for Managers

I work with ambitious leaders who are looking to leverage their skills and hit their targets despite the conditions they find themselves. Clients working with me become sought-after leaders, known for their performance and group dynamics.

They become extremely effective influencers who create highly committed teams.
I'm obsessed with the art of leadership, great teaming and cultures that produce great results.

Level Up Program - Leaders

A three-month program, including discovery sessions, workshops and mastermind learning groups to upskill managers leadership abilities.

Engage, empower, and perform are the themes underpinning this program.

Investing in managers generates a culture of engagement that produces outstanding results.

Helping managers become confident leaders, build aligned teams who deliver on clear outcomes.

Each program is tailored for the organisation to enhance their managers leadership skills, skills such as:

  • Effective communication

  • Relationship building

  • Delegating with impact

"Remember, the real growth happens when you level up from manager to leader." - Maree Burgess

Level Up Program - Teams

This 3-month program brings the leader and their team together. Includes discovery sessions, workshops and mastermind learning groups, to upskill the team so they level up and operate more effectively and efficiently.

Each program is tailored for the leader and their team's requirements and provides a high quality, easy to implement program that enhances overall team effectiveness.

Participants learn practical techniques to lift them to the right level, leverage their time, and work together with confidence. 

Level up your organisation

I believe your leaders can make the difference.

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