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Maree is the owner and founder of MareeBurgess.com. She is obsessed with building environments of excellence and is renowned for bringing out the best in teams and individuals alike. She trains and coaches managers to become memorable leaders and teams to perform exceptionally.

She has been seen in the Australian Financial Review, Business Chicks Latte Magazine, News Ltd, CEO Institute, and CEO Magazine.

Suggested speaker and podcast topics:

  • How levelling up can supercharge your career

  • Ingredients for clear communication

  • 5 signs you are micromanaging your team

  • Why operating at the right level is crucial for business performance

  • How to delegate and still get great results

  • Things they don’t tell you when you first start managing a team

Suggested podcast questions

  • What prevents managers from leveling up?

  • What are some common mistakes that occur when managers do delegate?

  • What is the best way for a manager to create autonomy in their team?

  • What does a memorable leader look like?

  • What is required to create a high performance team?

“Emotions are contagious, surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts.” Maree Burgess

Overall my front of room and virtual expertise focusses on influencing; inspiring; challenging; and providing practical ideas for attendees.

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker or podcast guest who will challenge the way your leaders and teams approach engagement, communication, and how to operate at exceptional levels, download Maree's brochure or get in touch to discuss fees and availability.  

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