Maree has been my business coach and mentor over the last year. Her caring nature infused with business acumen and coaching methods has inspired and empowered me to grow both personally and professionally. She modelled a high degree of business professionalism with a personal touch. Receiving business books in the mail was such a treat and the flowers I received on my mother's passing was special, unexpected but so appreciated. Thanks Maree for your time, dedication and care.

Christine Boucher - Workplace Health & Wellness

This program was personalised to my needs, based on the day to day real life barriers I was facing as a leader. One of the powerful discussion points was establishing the best methods for giving and receiving feedback, including the feedack model Maree shared. I coached my team in this space and I know many of them are sharing wins with how directly giving feedback is improving relationships and removing blocks. Overall, the culture is much more positive. Learning to step away more from always giving my team answers, and instead, using open questions to help them reach their own conclusions builds more accountability.

This has been a great step towards becoming a stronger leader who emphasises a positive culture.

Transitioning from being a “doer' to a “leader' is quite difficult. As a leader, instead of creating the work content which you trust yourself to do, you instead have to develop a team and teach them how to create that work content in the best possible way, and trust them to so. Coaching definitely provides good perspective and tips to help you excel with this transition! Thank you.

Daina Wilson, Marketing Director
Thanks Maree. I have read Connecting Us and thought it was great, with lots of practical content. Will definitely be passing it around our team.
You are quite an inspiration!
Director: William Buck

With Level Up, Maree has addressed what can be a challenging time in a new leader’s life by providing them with a handbook for success.  Every chapter is filled with practical tools, checklists and activities to help them level up from being a contributor to a manager and leader.  A must read for any new manager who is stepping up from their technical excellence and wants to develop leadership excellence.

Donna McGeorge, Best-selling author of The 1 Day Refund, The 25 Minute Meeting and The First 2 Hours (WILEY)

I have known and worked with Maree Burgess for over 15 years. In that time she has been my personal coach and she has never failed to get results for me.

I have put her forward for work with some of my most valued and valuable clients and she has delivered every single time. Her experience, knowledge and investment in her own professional development means that Maree gets the job done with grace, calmness and expertise.

Donna McGeorge, Owner DonnaMcGeorge.com

It was a wonderful opportunity to come together as a team and dedicate the time, with great learning and ahah! moments for us all! Thanks Prof Michael Cardew-Hall, Anthony Pages and Frank Papa for prioritising and creating this valuable experience for us, and thanks Maree Burgess for your facilitation and subject matter expertise.

Ellen Bussell, Head of Project Management ANU Enterprise

Hour Of Power with Maree Burgess.

Thank you for your eloquent and articulate insight Maree. I have filled pages with the content we covered in that conversation. A few of the stand-out 'A Statements' are communication styles, gentle utilisation of NLP, knowing your audience, understanding feedback is not always comfortable and that is ok, why we make the word choices we do. Thank you so very much for your time today. I found it incredibly valuable.

Greg McMurray - Senior Program Manager

Thanks Maree, I have really appreciated your experience and guidance over the last few weeks. It's come at a perfect time in my career where I need to take some time to assess my next step.


Insightful and instructive, Level Up is a must read for anyone wanting to level up their leadership skills and unleash the brilliance within. Packed full of exercises and frameworks this beautifully written book will help you become a better leader of yourself and others.  This book is a must read for anyone wanting to discover how to advance their leadership to the next level. 

Janine Garner, Bestselling author of Be Brilliant‚ how to lead a life of influence and Its Who You Know

Level Up fills a gap in the business literature. Transitioning from management to leadership is a continuous effort in which many great professionals often get lost. Unlike many theory-heavy books, Level Up provided me with a great mix of practical advice, tutorial-like approaches, tasks and thought-provoking perspectives that can guide you through this challenging phase of your career. Some of the key messages around embracing delegation as a way to become a better leader but also to empower your teams are truly game changers. I’ll be thinking about asking the right questions as opposed to have all the answers from now on. Thank you, Maree.

Anthony Pages, Chief Executive Officer, ANU Enterprise Pty Ltd

Maree Burgess has provided me with valuable and expert coaching during my recent career transition. Working with Maree has helped me to:

  • Clarify my professional and personal dreams and goals
  • Recognise less helpful thinking and behaviour patterns I have indulged in - and quickly develop more resourceful patterns
  • Articulate my strengths, knowledge, skills and experience clearly, succinctly (and successfully) in job applications and interviews
  • Find the mental space and energy to boost my professional learning and growth; my work with Maree led to me undertaking further study for a Master's Degree.

Maree has developed a coaching relationship with me based on trust, warmth and high expectations of my capacity for growth. Her coaching helped me shift into a proactive and positive mindset, and has led to some interesting and attractive career developments. I highly recommend Maree Burgess as a professional coach.

JS, Dept Education

I much appreciate your experience, and gentle yet persistent work with me over the past 9 months to encourage me in developing my roles at work and at home. The positivity you bring to sessions assisted in what might otherwise be challenging discussions. Thankyou for your time and expertise in helping me gain insight into ways to better strategize professionally, and prioritize my work/ life balance.

Katrina, Medical Practitioner
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