Unlock Your Leaders' Potential

October 4th, 2023

As a HR Manager, you may find that some of your newer leaders are new to managing a team and are finding it tougher than expected.

Transitioning from a 'doer' to a 'leader' can be quite the learning curve. Many new leaders assume they can simply 'pick up' the skills as they go, but you and I both know that leading a team demands a fresh set of talents.

Team dynamics

If your new manager has been promoted from within their team, help them understand the changes that will happen to team dynamics. Their previous colleagues are now their team members, and this shift can lead to uncertainty, reduced camaraderie, and even unwelcome behaviour.

Technical skills versus people skills

Your new managers might still be clinging to their technical expertise – their comfort zone. But, as a new manager, the technical skills that got them to their previous role are not what is needed to step into this leadership role.

They need to oomph up their people or 'soft' skills which can be things like how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, and create a delegation framework.

The Perfectionist Pitfall

Perfectionism can be this new manager's enemy. If they believe only they can do everything right, they will quickly become overwhelmed and stressed. The need for control can bury them in tasks.

Next Steps

Your new managers now need to focus on high-value thinking, their team's future goals and how these align with the organisation's strategy.

For them, it's about leading, and that means acquiring new skills.

Embracing Learning

Help your managers become learners again.

Consider how you can help your new managers prepare for their new management role.

Remember, great leaders start somewhere. They evolve and adapt, and then empower their teams.

Help them start the leadership journey today.

Feel free to share my 'Exceptional Teams Scorecard' with your leaders. A simple questionnaire to identify areas they may need to focus on to upskill their leadership abilities.

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