The number one thing I believe sets successful organisations apart.

March 14th, 2024

The number one thing I believe sets successful organisations apart is having managers who are totally into their work, not just punching the clock.

I had some fantastic managers who had my back when I was employed.

Shout out to those leaders like Peter, Kate, Mike, Carl and Simone!

They didn't just give me tasks; they saw my potential and trusted me to shine. And you know what? With them leading the way, our teams were unstoppable.

But some other managers weren't cutting it. They didn't bother engaging with their teams, and honestly, I never felt satisfied with my work.

And surprise, surprise, these teams weren't exactly winning any awards either.

As a manager yourself, how engaged you are and how well you engage your team makes all the difference in how you lead.

It's about having the skills to support each team member so they can bring their A-game. That's what gets everyone on board.

When you're all in, your team follows suit. They're with you, each other, and with the work they're doing.

You start standing out for your leadership expertise.

How do you level up your team's engagement?

First, you have to tap into your talent and expertise, then tap into theirs. You build strong connections so your team isn't stuck in their own little worlds, and they move forward together like a well-oiled machine.

Does your organisation have the right managers with the right skills to bring out the best in their teams?

Let's break it down: Some companies are barely scraping by. Their managers couldn't motivate a plant to grow. These managers are too caught up in doing the work themselves to bother supporting their team.

Then you've got the middle-of-the-road companies. They're doing okay, but their managers are drowning in tasks, hoping their team picks up the slack while they put out fires left and right.

Next up, you've got the real MVPs (you know - most valuable players).

These companies are firing on all cylinders. Their managers know their stuff and have their team's back. Performance? Through the roof.

And finally, you've got the cream of the crop, the transformational leaders. These are the ones who engage their teams and unleash their full potential. They're the ones you remember years down the line, like Peter, Kate, Mike, Carl and Simone.

So, where do you and your organisation fall on the scale? Are your managers stuck in survival mode or leading the charge towards greatness?

And where do you fit into all of this? It's worth a thought.

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