Let's have a real talk about something that's been bugging me lately.

May 30th, 2023

It's this overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction that many people have in their roles, particularly mid-level managers who I most often work with. This is created from having too much to do, trying to control everything, and staying too much in the detail.

Imagine that's you.

Instead, what if you could you leave work every day feeling accomplished, satisfied, and genuinely happy with your achievements? How often do you do that now?

There is a sweet spot where you're not just content but truly excelling in your role.

Feeling overwhelmed is like wearing a mask that hides your true self. I want to help you take that mask off.

Maybe, you're struggling because you don't have the trust of your team, and that's holding you back. You do have the power to change that (or you can develop that power).

You're capable of much more than you realise. And if you find that this role isn't the perfect fit for you after giving it your all, there are always other options. But, consider what you can achieve where you are right now first.

The key is to unlock that untapped potential within you.

I'm obsessed with helping people like you. There's too much potential going to waste in organisations and too many unhappy people. Let's change that, starting with you.

It may be that you are a bit of a control freak. I know the feeling, and let me share a story that might resonate with you.

Amy thought she was doing okay in her new leadership role but was in for a reality check. When she first stepped into her new position, she was thrilled. She knew the team inside out since she had been part of it. She was their leader now, and the possibilities seemed endless.

Amy was exceptional in her previous role as a technical expert. Her new boss recognised her talent and promoted her into her boss's role when he moved to another area. However, she failed to realise that the skills that made her excel in her old position weren't necessarily the ones she needed to lead her current team.

The wake-up call came when she received the results of an organisation-wide engagement survey. The feedback from her team about her leadership style was brutal. She was accused of micromanaging, hovering over everyone's work, and even redoing tasks herself. As deadlines approached, she took on more and more work, convinced that her way was the only "right" way.

Amy's determination to succeed had driven her to act autonomously, isolating herself from her team. She worked long hours, desperately trying to catch up on everything she felt wasn't getting done.

Does this resonate with you and how you are operating? Do you work insane hours, constantly trying to keep up with your never-ending to-do list?

If so, you're not alone. Leading a team requires a whole different set of skills and mindset than being a team member.

But here's the good news: you can change. You can uncover the leader within you, and you can make a positive difference in your team. Trust me, it's worth it.

Are you ready to take control of your leadership abilities, find your stride, and create a work environment where both you and your team thrive?

Click this link, to download my Task Audit template. Start identifying everything on your plate and work out if you should be doing it all.

What are your tips for those people who can’t let go of their control freak part?

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