Five Signs You Are Micromanaging Your Team

February 3rd, 2022

Amy can pinpoint the moment she realised she was operating at the wrong level.
Up to that moment, she thought she was doing okay in her new leadership role. 
Amy had been exceptional in her old role. She was a technical expert and a star performer for the team. That’s why, when her boss moved on, she was promoted into his role.
Amy was slow to realise that the skills that had got her to this spot were not the ones she needed to lead her current team.
The moment Amy realised she was operating at the wrong level was when she got the results from the organisation-wide engagement survey, and the comments made by her team about her leadership style were damning.The team accused her of micromanaging and almost standing over them to do their work. They said that Amy criticised anything they did, and often took work back from them and redid it. As deadlines loomed, she took more and more work off the team, as she didn’t believe they were doing it the ‘right’ way.
Amy was so anxious to succeed that she was acting autonomously and not engaging her team. She was working longer and longer hours, and becoming frustrated with what her team weren’t doing.Do you relate to any of this?

5 Signs You May be Micromanaging Your Team

  1. You are involved in absolutely everything that your team is working on.
  2. You are going to meetings with stakeholders, and there are several other members of your team also attending.
  3. You are the liaison point between other areas and your team – for everything.
  4. As a perfectionist, you struggle to let things go. You are afraid that if you don’t stay across everything, mistakes will occur, so you make sure the team does it just as you would.
  5. Your boss has been told by your team that you are micromanaging them. 

If any of these resonate with you, you may be at risk of alienating your team. Which for you, can lead to burnout and overwhelm. 

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