Level Up

Leading a team is harder in practice than in theory.

As a mid-level leader, it’s likely you’ve been promoted into your role because of your exceptional technical skills – there is no doubt that in your field you are an expert. But now you’re leading a team of people and struggling to keep up with all their demands on your time and attention.

You start doing more and more because you don’t trust your team to do it as well. You’re finding that your team aren't paying attention or making suggestions or coming up with new ideas.

The result? You’re on an endless cycle of busyness, trying to control everything and everyone around you, and it’s starting to impact your life, your relationships, and your health. 

So what to do?

You need to learn to lead at the right level – you need to level up your leadership.

This book will change how you do things in small ways, which will have a huge impact on you and the people you interact with daily. It will help you become a better leader, so you can work better together.


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